The Haitian is a character in Heroes Reborn. He is portrayed by Jimmy Jean-Louis.  


The Haitian (René) wears a necklace of the symbol

Brave New World

Noah Bennet finds René at Lumiere Ophthalmology when he goes their looking for answers to his memory loss. When René tries to strangle Noah to death Noah shoots and kills his old friend.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Taylor Kravid meets with René, who wants her help to rescue Micah Sanders from Sunstone Manor.

11:53 to Odessa

Taylor helps HeroTruther's group sneak into Sunstone Manor.

Send in the Clones

At the mysterious Sunstone Manor, Carlos Gutierrez and Farah Nazan fight alongside Rene to take down Matt Parkman and free the prisoners under his control. Rene, Carlos, Taylor and Farah barricade themselves in Sunstone Manor to hide from the Harris'. Rene and Taylor confront Matt about his motives and reveal that he and his family aren't going to the future as promised. Matt overpowers Rene and sends him away while kidnapping Taylor to force Erica Kravid to keep her word.

Project Reborn

Timeline Change

Due to the events that took place in the past on June 13, 2014 after Hiro had taken Noah back to the past, Rene is alive.