Molly Walker is a character in Heroes Reborn. She is portrayed by Francesca Eastwood.  



Molly is located by Renautas agents Taylor Kravid and Francis Culp, while living under the alias Zoe.

Under the Mask

Molly is kidnapped by Taylor and taken to Renautas so her ability can be used by Erica Kravid in a new project called E.P.I.C. Molly resists as much as she can.

The Needs of the Many

Molly doesn't like her powers used against EVOs, so when Noah Bennet finds her in his search for answers that she has but can't reveal, Molly takes his gun and shoots herself in the head.

June 13 - Part One

Mohinder Suresh gives his book, Escalating Evolution, to Molly before Harris takes him to the site of the bombing. After the bombs go off Molly, Noah and Caspar Abraham go to St. Jude's Hospital. Molly uses her ability to try and find Claire Bennet.

June 13 - Part Two

Chasing Hiro's power, Molly and Noah find a much older Hiro with Anne Clark and Nathan, having raised Nathan as his son. Nathan sends Molly away.