Hiro Nakamura is a character in Heroes Reborn. He is portrayed by Masi Oka.  


Game Over

Hiro was trapped in the video game Evernow until Miko released him by sacrificing herself using the Kensei sword as a key. Noah Bennet asks Hiro to take him back to the Odessa peace summit on June 13th, 2014 to change the future. Though reluctant, Hiro agrees as Erica Kravid was harnessing his power for her own benefit.

June 13 - Part One

While Noah and Hiro join forces to return to the events of June 13, 2014, that set everything in motion, Hachiro Otomo traps the Hiro of this time inside Evernow and takes his sword. Meanwhile, Noah and Hiro witness the Noah of this time get taken away by Erica's men.

Hiro rescues Mohinder Suresh after Harris takes him to the site of the bombing, where Hiro discovers that any attempt to stop the bombing will result in a worse future.

Hiro takes Angela Petrelli and Claire Bennet's children back to 1999 where they will be safe and have time to grow up; they are named Nathan and Malina and Angela has foreseen that they are the only ones who can save the world from the coming disaster.

June 13 - Part Two

When Hiro and Angela are stuck in Odessa in 1999, Angela realises that Nathan has inherited the Petrelli ability to absorb other powers, taking them from first Claire and now Hiro; she decides the children must be raised separately so Nathan can't take Malina's powers from her.

Chasing Hiro's power, Molly Walker and Noah find a much older Hiro with Anne Clark and Nathan, having raised Nathan as his son. Nathan uses Hiro's power to take Noah to Angela, who warns him of a catastrophe in Odessa beneath a clock-tower at 11:53. Nathan sends Noah back to his own time as Harris arrives at their house, and Hiro says goodbye to Nathan, Caspar and Anne to hold off Harris. Caspar Abraham takes Nathan's memory of Hiro so that he won't go back.

Project Reborn