Emily Duval is a main character in Heroes Reborn. She is portrayed by Gatlin Green.  


Emily is the all American girl next door, trying to figure her way through life.

Brave New World

When Luke and Joanne come after him, Tommy uses his ability to send them away and Emily sees.


Tommy shows his ability to Emily, who discovers that wherever Tommy is thinking about is where whatever he is teleporting ends up.

Under the Mask

Emily attends a party

The Needs of the Many

The Lion's Den

Game Over

Tommy and Emily make an unexpected journey when they run away to Paris. While there they learn that nowhere is safe. When they return home Emily helps Tommy take out his tracking chip and they kiss.

Sundae, Bloody Sundae

Caspar Abraham tries to save Emily and is killed by Joanne. Luke and Malina Bennet arrive and Tommy stops time, letting him save Emily.

Send in the Clones

Company Woman

Ren Shimosawa enters Gateway and meets Emily. Ren and Emily access the core using the necklace Hachiro gave Ren, just in time to hear Hachiro Otomo say he imprisoned Tommy.

Project Reborn

Emily and Ren search for Miko. Ren and Emily awaken Hachiro and the real Miko. Three months later, Tommy and Emily are working at Moe's together living normal lives.