Angela Petrelli is a character in Heroes Reborn. She is portrayed by Cristine Rose.  


Angela had a vision of the impending events scheduled to take place a year later, and that one or both of Claire's children will save the world and must be protected.

June 13 - Part One

On June 13, 2014, Angela meets with Mohinder Suresh outside of Odessa, Texas to warn him about Erica Kravid and her intentions. Angela tells him that she had a vision of the coming disaster and the EVOs who can stop it. She told Erica with the hopes of saving everyone, but Erica intends to save only the people she chooses.

Angela takes future Noah Bennet to Claire, who is in surgery, but they are told that she died while giving birth to her children. Angela and Noah convince Hiro Nakamura to take her and the twins back to 1999 where they could grow up and gain their powers as well as be prepared to use them. Before they leave Noah asks Angela to name the children first as Claire never got the chance to. Angela names the little boy Nathan while Noah names the little girl Malina after his mother. Angela has foreseen that they are the only ones who can save the world from the coming disaster.

June 13 - Part Two

When Hiro and Angela are stuck in Odessa in 1999, Angela realises that Nathan has inherited the Petrelli ability to absorbother powers, taking them from first Claire and now Hiro; she decides the children must be raised separately so Nathan can't take Malina's powers from her.

Nathan uses Hiro's power to take Noah to Angela, who warns him of a catastrophe in Odessa beneath a clock-tower at 11:53. 

Project Reborn

Luke Collins and Quentin Frady help Malina as she tries to fulfil Angela's prophecy. Tommy revisits a time when Angela tested he and Malina, learning that they need a conduit.

Three months later, when both Tommy and Malina receive tarot cards, Angela says their father is coming and no one can protect them.